A.A.A.R. – How-to install

A.A.A.R. is released as a Pentaho application containing everything is enough to install and use the solution. As described before, A.A.A.R. is developed for PostgreSQL and MySql DBMS. In this section is described how to install it.

A.A.A.R. is tested on Windows Server 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64Bit but should work on different operating systems because no particular features are used. If you like this solution, please consider to support the project in every different way you can read here.

RECOMMENDATION: Alfresco is used as an independent platform so it must work on a different DBMS schema. This means that A.A.A.R. could be installed on a different type of DBMS (even on a different server) respect to Alfresco.

Today the A.A.A.R. installation process is easier than ever. Using the Pentaho Sparkl Application Builder, an installation wizard has been developed to make everything easy to install and use.


Below the instructions describing how to install A.A.A.R. into your environment.

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