My first transformation with the CMIS Input

The use of the PDI CMIS Input is exactly the same of an Input plugin like, for example, the Table Input. Below a simple tutorial that shows how to develop the first transformation using the CMIS Input Plugin.

Below a simple step by step description of how to develop a simple transformation to extract the informations from the E.C.M. using CMIS Input plugin.

  • Run Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) executing the ‘spoon.bat’ under Windows platform or ‘’ under Linux platform.
  • In the repository connection form, press the ‘Cancel’ button.


  • Now create a brand new transformation.


  • Drag & drop the Cmis Input icon on the Input folder of the left menu in the Design tab.


  • Double click on the CMIS Input icon to open the dialog.


  • Customize the connection’s parameters of the CMIS Query and press the ‘ok’ button.
  • Drag & drop the Text file output icon on the Output folder of the left menu in the Design tab. After this, connect the two icons from the CMIS Input to the Text file output.


  • Customize the parameters of the Text file Output and press the ‘ok’ button.


  • Click on the fields tab and press the ‘Get fields’ button. The destination fields will be automatically filled with the metadata.


  • Press the ‘ok’ button, save the transformation and run it pressing the green arrow.


  • At the end, open the destination file and see all the metadata of you documents.

<< How-to install PDI CMIS Input                                 Basics about the CMIS >>

Download PDI CMIS Input plugin

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