Tutorial on Pentaho Sparkl application builder

pentaho-logoThis tutorial on Pentaho Sparkl application builder has been thought after my work on developing the A.A.A.R. solution from october to december 2013. With this tutorial I don’t want to steal the scene to the great work of the Pentaho team (in particular of Webdetails) but only share my experience with the people interested in developing it’s own application under the Pentaho Suite in it’s new version 5.

Once upon a time… Pedro Alves announced Sparkl Pentaho Application Builder.

Sparkl, or Pentaho App Builder, is a plugin creator instrument that let you able to PDI-logocreate a complete Pentaho Application, with a “zero code” approach. Sparkl is based on the main idea to use the two major cornerstones of Pentaho: Ctools and Pentaho Data Integration.

Who is able to use those two Pentaho tools, will able in few time to create his own application using Sparkl. This tutorial looks strictly to those skilled people, sharing with them my experience in this way of development. If you think to be one of us… follow the links below and don’t forget to give me a feedback. 🙂

Below some more advanced tutorials, very useful in my experience.

Would you like to add your tutorial to this list or request a new one? Write me.

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