A.A.A.R. v2.2 with interactive dashboards and free analysis

Finally the date came!

Starting from the requests and the collaboration of some of you, the brand new A.A.A.R. v2.2 has been released. I would like to explicitly thank strategicfunctions.com for the contribution. As usual it has been an interesting experience.

The main new feature is obviously the interactive dashboard on audit trail.

But also the two brand new free analysis on audit trail and repository.

Last but not least, a brand new report on documents in sites (strongly requested from the community).

I have lots of new ideas to develop but what would you like to see more in the A.A.A.R.?


CTools has been released for Pentaho 5.0

Nice news from Pedro Alves (@pmalves) of WebDetails that on his blog announces the release of the new version of the CTools for the incoming Pentaho 5.0 Community Edition. Here the article that describes the installation instructions.


Now we all are waiting for the official release of the Pentaho 5.0 Community Edition to make it work! 😉